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Asymmetric supernovae and pulsar kicks theory and experiment
Thierry Foglizzo (CEA/SACLAY)

14 octobre 2010

Massive stars end their life with the gravitational collapse of their core and the formation of a neutron star. Their explosion as a supernova depends on the revival of a spherical accretion shock, located in the inner 200 km and stalled during a few hundred milliseconds. Numerical simulations suggest that an asymmetric explosion is induced by a hydrodynamical instability named SASI. Its non radial character is able to influence the kick and the spin of the resulting neutron star. I will review the current status of these discoveries and present the SWASI experiment. This simple shallow water analog of SASI is designed to illustrate the asymmetric nature of core-collapse supernova.

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Thierry Foglizzo Thierry Foglizzo (CEA/SACLAY)

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