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Séminaire général du Département de physique

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The Genius of Michael Faraday
John Meurig Thomas (Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering)

11 mars 2010

Lord Rutherford said of Michael Faraday that he was one of the greatest experimenters ever; Albert Einstein believed that Michael Faraday was responsible for the greatest change in intellectual structure of physics since Newton. There is little doubt that Faraday bequeathed a greater corpus of useful knowledge than any other physical scientist. How did it come about that Faraday, a deeply religious man who left school at thirteen to become an errand boy and then an apprentice to a bookbinder (a young man who never attended high school or university and knew no mathematics), could reach such pinnacles? In terms that are also intelligible to non-scientists and interested lay persons, the speaker shall endeavour to answer the above and related questions. The tale of Faraday’s achievements and discoveries is one of the most romantic in the history of science; his character, intellect and commitments speak to us through all ages.

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John Meurig Thomas John Meurig Thomas (Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering)

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