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Séminaire MHD (SEMHD)

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Le magnétisme des étoiles massives : 1. Revue observationnelle
Coralie Neiner (Observatoire Paris-Meudon)

22 mars 2010

In this review I present what is known as of today about the magnetic fields of massive stars from an observational point of view. I explain the techniques we use to measure magnetic fields in these stars as well as the oblique dipole model used to map the observations. I also present indirect indicators of the presence of a magnetic field in the UV, optical and X-ray wavelengths, which can help to discover new magnetic fields as well as to study the magnetospheres. Finally I present the MiMeS (Magnetism in Massive Stars) project. MiMeS allows the detailed study and modelling of known magnetic massive stars, the discovery of new magnetic stars, and a statistical study of the incidence and properties of magnetic fields in massive stars. I show examples of important first results obtained in the frame of this project concerning the magnetism of massive stars as well as stellar evolution.
• Alecian et al. 2008A&A...481L..99A
• Grunhut et al. 2009MNRAS.400L..94G
• Neiner 2007ASPC..361...91N
• Wade et al. 2009IAUS..259..333W
• Neiner & Zahn, Stellar Magnetism, EAS Publications Series, Volume 39 (2009).

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