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Séminaire général du Département d’informatique

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The First 10 Years of Advanced Encryption
Vincent Rijmen (Leuven, Graz)

16 février 2010

About 10 years ago, we designed the block cipher Rijndael in response to NIST’s announcement of their initiative to select a new encryption standard (the AES). In 2000, NIST selected Rijndael to become the AES. In this talk, I survey the increasing acceptance and adoption of the AES in various applications. I also talk about situations were it proves difficult to convince people to start using AES. Finally I illustrate the influence of the AES on design philosophies being used to design new cryptographic primitives. This is done by looking at the contenders in NIST’s SHA-3 competition, which is in full progress.

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Vincent Rijmen Vincent Rijmen (Leuven, Graz)

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