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Séminaire général du Département de physique

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An overview of development and application of nonlinear wave models
Stephan Grilli (Rhode Island)

7 janvier 2010

This seminar will provide an overview, tailored to a multi-disciplinary audience, of the author’s over-20-year experience with developing two- and three-dimensional fully nonlinear wave models solving inviscid Euler equations (mostly based on Boundary Integral Equation methods), and their more recent coupling to full Navier-Stokes models. The talk will be illustrated with a series of application including nonlinear wave shoaling/overturning and breaking in near-shore areas, the formation of freak waves, the generation of tsunamis by underwater landslides, and wave-induced bottom boundary layers and sediment suspension and transport. A series of more fundamental (i.e., equations, physics at play) as well as numerical (solution algorithm, implementation, convergence/accuracy) aspects of the problems will be presented as well.

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Stephan Grilli Stephan Grilli (Rhode Island)