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Séminaire MHD (SEMHD)

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From the double pulsar to magnetars: Observational constraints for neutron-star magnetospheres
Michael Kramer (Manchester Univ.)

20 octobre 2008

The talk reviews the basic emission properties of pulsars and aims at finding a particular set of characteristics that is able to constrain relevant emission theories. This is done by contrasting the properties of normal pulsars, millisecond pulsars, and also magnetars. Some unexpected lessons can also be learnt from systems like the Double Pulsar. The talk prepares the discussion of possible theoretical explanations to be presented in the following talk.
Bibliographie :
– Lorimer D.R. & Kramer M., Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2005).
– Lyne A. & Graham-Smith F., Pulsar Astrophysics (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2006).

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Michael Kramer Michael Kramer (Manchester Univ.)
Michael Kramer est professeur d’astrophysique à la School of Physics and Astronomy de l’université de Manchester.