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Colloque Origines de la vie : auto-organisation et/ou évolution biologique ?

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From chemical simplicity to biological complexity: A subjective reading framework and research program
Ludovic Jullien (ENS)

3 octobre 2008

Chemists already analyzed the structure and reproduced the function of many biological molecules and supramolecular assemblies. However, they are still unable to establish a link between these structures and metabolism to account for the complex phenomena which are constitutive of living matter. In our view, even simple systems can generate complex phenomena, provided that: (i) their reactivity obeys specific mechanisms with values-of-rate constants located in narrow ranges; (ii) they are submitted to appropriate constraints of out-of-equilibrium. This lecture will attempt to point to difficulties but also opportunities provided to chemists tempted to rationally bridge the gap from the inert to the living word.

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Ludovic Jullien Ludovic Jullien (ENS)
Synthèse des Propriétés Dynamiques de Systèmes Chimiques - UMR 8640, département de chimie, École normale supérieure.