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Colloque Origines de la vie : auto-organisation et/ou évolution biologique ?

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Complexity, self-organization, and the origin of live: The happy liaison?
Antonio Lazcano (Facultad de Ciencias, Mexico)

3 octobre 2008

The origin of life was marked by the transition from purely chemical reactions to autonomous, self-replicating molecular entities capable of evolving by natural selection. This requires some form of inheritance, and our understanding of biological systems strongly suggests that the most likely candidates are genetic polymers. Some attempts to explain the basic nature of life and its emergence have been developed that are based on ideas of self-organization and complex systems. These proposals are, in fact, part of the deeply rooted tradition in physical sciences that searches for all-encompassing views, including catastrophe theory, chaos, fractals, and now complexity theory. While it is evident that self-organization of prebiotic components must have played an important role in setting the stage for the emergence of life, as of today these principles have remained undiscovered. To understand the nature and origins of life, we must recognize both the limits imposed by the laws of physics and chemistry, as well as history’s contingency.

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Antonio Lazcano Antonio Lazcano (Facultad de Ciencias, Mexico)
Antonio Lazcano appartient à l’Instituto Pasteur-Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti, Facultad de Ciencias, Mexico.

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