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Colloque Promenade dans la physique d’aujourd’hui / A Stroll through Today’s Physics

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Life at High Péclet Numbers
Raymond E. Goldstein (univ. Cambridge)

28 juin 2007

Some of the most challenging and interesting issues in biology concern the emergence of multicellular organisms from unicellular individuals. The accompanying differentiation from totipotent single cells to multicellular species with cells specialized into reproductive and vegetative functions implies both costs and benefits. Not surprisingly for microscopic life in water, many of the issues surrounding these transitions involving the physics of diffusion and mixing, for the efficient exchange of nutrients and wastes with the environment is among the most basic factors affecting the fitness of organisms. In this talk, I will discuss recent experiments and theoretical work on a lineage of organisms, colonial algae, which serve as a model for understanding the transition to multicellularity. Techniques from cell biology, experimental fluid mechanics, and asymptotic methods for advection-diffusion equations help provide an answer to the basic question: What is the advantage of increasing size ?

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Raymond E. Goldstein Raymond E. Goldstein (univ. Cambridge)
Dept. Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics U.K.
Schlumberger Professor of Complex Physical Systems
Fellow of Churchill College