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Journée Visualization of High-Resolution 3D Turbulent Flows

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Coherent structures in the separated shear layer on the side of a square cylinder : a multi-scale problem
Christophe Brun (univ. Orléans)

8 juin 2007

The scope of the present contribution is related to the design of proper signal processing tools to identify, visualise and understand, from both experimental and numerical data, the main coherent structures present in a turbulent flow. We will consider the multiscale problem of the separated shear layer on the side of a square cylinder for a Reynolds number ranging from Re=1000 to Re=200000. Unsteady analysis based on LES at intermediate Reynolds numbers and LDV/PIV at high Reynolds numbers are carried out. For numerics, 2D and 3D visualisations are performed based on iso-vorticity contours and isovalues of the Q-criterion (2nd invariant of the velocity gradient tensor). The storage of huge time data bank allows for building time dependent movies for the main coherent structures. For experiments, smoke visualisations provide a qualitative description of the flow which can be viewed as the behaviour of a passive scalar. A special care was taken to obtain very high sampling frequency for LDV in order to capture properly the smallest coherent structures related to the present multiscale problem, based on a time 1D wavelet analysis. This procedure should be improved and extended to space-time analysis based on PIV data.
Journée d’études enregistrée avec le soutien du GDR Dynamo

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Christophe Brun Christophe Brun (univ. Orléans)
Laboratoire de Mécanique et Energétique, Université d’Orléans

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