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Journée Visualization of High-Resolution 3D Turbulent Flows

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3D feature recognition of an unsteady flow: 2D PIV, direct simulation and Virtual Reality
François Lusseyran (univ. Paris XI) et Jean-Marc Vézien (univ. Paris XI)

8 juin 2007

As metrology and numerical simulation capabilities get perfected, one needs an increasingly clearer understanding of three-dimensional flow fields. However the analysis of unsteady velocity fields encounters various difficulties from a fundamental point of view (mathematical criteria of 3D vortex identification) as well as from the point of view of space localization and time characterisation. We illustrate this problem using the unsteady 3D flow generated by an open cavity observed via 2D experimental data and with validated 3D direct numerical simulation. In parallel, Virtual Reality (VR) researchers of the VENISE team investigate the interactive visualization of the massive data sets, such as the ones produced by Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The design of truely effective VR software is hindered by the fact that the exploration of a CFD simulation is a « free » task i.e. it doesn’t follow a predetermined, formalized action sequence. Nevertheless, cognitive and ergonomic tools exist so that an activity analysis can be performed, out of the live observation of scientists and subsequent interviews. The CORSAIRE project aims at proposing innovative tools for data exploration in Virtual Reality environment, such as the CAVE-like set-up available at LIMSI, given the result of such an analysis. It also proposes to CFD researchers new rendering modalities, such as sound and haptics, so that data exploration is more intuitive, faster and possibly reveals new phenomena within the simulations.
Journée d’études enregistrée avec le soutien du GDR Dynamo

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François Lusseyran François Lusseyran (univ. Paris XI)
LIMSI, Orsay

Jean-Marc Vézien Jean-Marc Vézien (univ. Paris XI)
LIMSI, Orsay