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Journée Visualization of High-Resolution 3D Turbulent Flows

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Open questions in stellar MHD
Allan Sacha Brun (CEA)

8 juin 2007

Many stars display intense turbulence and magnetism. Understanding how this comes about is very challenging given the complexity of describing the dynamical behaviour of a rotating turbulent magnetic star. It is currently thought that dynamo action plays a central role in generating and maintaining the observed field. In this talk we intend to make a brief overview of the current status of stellar MHD, what have been the most recent progresses, how, depending of the spectral type of star, magnetism can either be irregular or cyclic, and what are the future development in this field of research, such as developping a new code for petascale machines or high hand 3-D rendering softwares to visualize MHD turbulence and magnetic field lines.
Journée d’études enregistrée avec le soutien du GDR Dynamo

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Allan Sacha Brun Allan Sacha Brun (CEA)
DAPNIA, Service d’Astrophysique, CEA, Saclay