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Journée Visualization of High-Resolution 3D Turbulent Flows

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Visualization and analysis of massive turbulent data sets
Alan Norton (NCAR)

8 juin 2007

A desktop suite of analysis and visualization tools (“VAPOR”) has been developed at NCAR for interactive analysis of huge datasets. VAPOR is intended to enable turbulence researchers to interactively understand the results of simulation. Simulation data on very large grids are analyzed and visualized directly from a wavelet representation, enabling interactive isolation of high-resolution details, such as current sheets and vortices, allowing analysis of their time-evolution. Flow integration and volume rendering can be applied on local regions in the grid, combined with numerical analyses to characterize the geometric structures that result. VAPOR is a desktop visualization and analysis application, running on Linux, Irix, Windows and Mac OSX. VAPOR is tightly coupled with IDL, enabling turbulence scientists to easily perform analysis and visualization on large datasets. This presentation will demonstrate the latest capabilities, showing how VAPOR can be used to interactively visualize small structures in time-varying data (e.g. an MHD simulation of resolution 15363), and demonstrating the use of field-line advection to track the motion of magnetic field lines in a velocity field.
Journée d’études enregistrée avec le soutien du GDR Dynamo

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Alan Norton Alan Norton (NCAR)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder (USA)

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