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Séminaire général du Département TAO

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Statistics and energetics of the solid Earth processes: relief, plates, Earth processes, volcanoes
G.S. Golitsyn (Russian Academy of sciences)

12 juin 2007

The gaseous atmosphere is readily and easily observed and is governed by equations of hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. Basic laws are known and nowadays the powerful supercomputers simulate well the observed global change. The situation for the solid earth is quite different. "The seismology is still in the pre-equation stale"- wrote in 1994 Keilis-Borok, and it still is. Due to efforts of geologists, geophysicists, geographers and other earth scientists we know qualitatively how the Earth evolves and works but many of us fell the lack of quantitative simple solid science in the area which could be easily taught to our students explaining to them why geological and tectonic processes are of millions years, what can we learn from the statistical analysis of the planetary relief, what is plate tectonics, what does its frequency-size distribution mean what the Gutenberg-Richter law stems from, how the Earth is spending its flux on various process we witness in every day life: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tectonic processes etc.
An attempt to answer these questions by simple formulas based on basic laws of physics and mathematics will by presented in the talk and illustrated by empirical material of observations and of laboratory experiment. It is hoped that in this new century the level of understanding of the details of life of our solid planet would approach the one we now have for the atmosphere.

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G.S. Golitsyn G.S. Golitsyn (Russian Academy of sciences)
Institute of Atmospheric Physics - Russian Academy of sciences, Moscow

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