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Atelier Mathématiques et biologie 2006–2007

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Mathematical methods in biology and neurobiology
Jürgen Jost (Max-Planck Institut Leipzig and IHES)

2 octobre 2006

We want to intend a wide range of mathematical concepts and tools to understand complex systems in biology and neurobiology at all scales, from the molecular to the one of evolving species, from individual neurons and synapses to large networks.
The theory of dynamical systems provides the concepts and tools for understanding the formation of structures. It needs to be supplemented by stochastic processes to include random effects and by discrete methods to understand the influence of network topology and to detect invariants. Information theory is used for understanding information processing in networks. It is supplemented by stochastic and geometric methods and leads in such directions as statistical learning or complexity theory.

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Jürgen Jost Jürgen Jost (Max-Planck Institut Leipzig and IHES)
Director, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, GERMANY
Honorary Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Leipzig
Member, Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz, the Saxonian Academy of Sciences, Leipzig, and the German Academy of the Natural Scientists - Leopoldina