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EALing 2006

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Morphology and Grammatical Architecture 4/4
Alec Marantz (MIT)

26 septembre 2006

The class will explore the relationship between the theory of Morphology, as developed in Distributed Morphology, and the architecture of grammar, as developed within the Minimalist Program. The first meeting will discuss the basic assumptions of Distributed Morphology (DM). In the second, Blocking will be examined, with the goal of demonstrating that competition in grammatical derivations is limited to the competition between Vocabulary Items for insertion, at the phonological interface, into the terminal nodes from the syntax. The third class will connect the locality domains for morphosemantic and morphophonological interactions to the phases of the Minimalist Program. Finally, the last class will discuss argument structure/morphology interactions, as revealed through an analysis of re- prefixation and stative passives in English.
Prequisites: The class is pitched at the level of a second year graduate student in the US, although any student having taken a general linguistics course plus a semester of generative syntax should be able to follow what’s going on.
Halle, Morris and Alec Marantz 1993. "Distributed Morphology and the pieces of inflection," in K.Hale and J. Keyser, eds. The View from Building 20. pp. 111-176. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.
Embick, David and Alec Marantz 2006. "Architecture and Blocking ." UPenn & MIT ms.
Marantz, Alec 2000. "Words." WCCFL presentation, Los Angeles.
Marantz, Alec 2005. "Rederived Generalizations." Taipei Handout.
These are available for download from: Ealing

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Alec Marantz Alec Marantz (MIT)
Professor of Psychology and Linguistics, Departments of Psychology and Linguistics, New York University; Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Linguistics, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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