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EALing 2006

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The Anatomy of the Category P 2/4
Peter Svenonius (univ. Tromsö)

19 septembre 2006

This is a cross-linguistic investigation into locative and directional expressions, with a focus on their relationship to adpositions (prepositions and postpositions, the category P). "Local" case systems like those of Finnish and Hungarian will be examined, as will languages which make extensive use of relational nouns to express locative concepts. The aim of the course will be to develop some sense of the range and limits of cross-linguistic variation in this domain, with an eye toward characterizing the nature of universals, whether they are syntactically autonomous or cognitively grounded.
Prerequisites: A basic background in descriptive linguistics would be useful. No theoretical background will be presupposed.
References: For now there is some background material Here

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Peter Svenonius Peter Svenonius (univ. Tromsö)
Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics, University of Tromsö