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EALing 2006

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Structuring VP : Agents, Causes, Goals 1/4
Léa Nash (univ. Paris VIII)

18 septembre 2006

Recent work in syntactic theory has replaced a traditional Projectionist view of VP according to which the projection of arguments is conditioned by the thematic properties of verbal predicates and their structural organisation depends on an universal priciple of theta assignment hierarchy with a Constructionist approach. This novel line of research puts forward a hypothesis that verb meanings are built in the syntactic component of the grammar by means of event templates that contain the verbal root and functional predicates such as little v, Voice, Applicative, Cause, Become. The course aims to investigate some central issues concerning the structure of VP. How are Dative arguments encoded? Are causers and agents treated alike in transitive templates?. What is the role of Voice head, Cause head, and APPLICATIVE head in licensing these arguments? What is the interaction, if any, between the lower Root layer and upper functional layers in verbal templates ? In order to fully understand the phenomena at hand a special attention will be paid to ergative languages in which the agent of transitive clauses bears a special ergative case.
Prerequisites: An Introduction to Syntax (graduate level)

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Léa Nash Léa Nash (univ. Paris VIII)
UFR Sciences du langage, Universté Paris 8/UMR 7023-CNRS