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Journée Mathematical Foundations of Learning Theory

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Is There Life beyond the Classification Problem?
Nicolas Vayatis (univ. Paris VI)

3 juin 2006

In the recent years, significant progress has been achieved on the statistical understanding of celebrated classification algorithms such as boosting and SVM. The key for proceeding to a statistical analysis was to interpret these algorithms as optimization procedures minimizing a penalized convex risk functional. From there it was possible: first, to relate the convex criterion to the standard performance measure -the classification error- and then, to adapt the flourishing theory of empirical risk minimization in order to provide generalization error bounds and oracle inequalities for convex risk minimization procedures. In the talk, I will discuss whether this programme can be applied to another problem: the ranking/scoring problem. Indeed, in applications such as Information Retrieval or Credit Risk screening, the goal is to rank/score webpages or individuals, rather than simply assigning them to a specified category. In this perspective, standard performance measures lead to statistical functionals of order two for which classification theory does not apply straightforwardly. In the talk, I will give some insights and results on these new challenging issues.
(Joint work with Stephan Clémençon and Gabor Lugosi.)

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Nicolas Vayatis Nicolas Vayatis (univ. Paris VI)
Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires